Tinyfox - 80m Foxoring Transmitter

by Matthias Kühlewein, DL3SDO, and Martin Kuhn, DL3SFB

Tinyfox open


  • Power supply
    • voltage generation from a single AA cell (either rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery) by a step-up DC-DC converter
    • constant output power due to stabilized supply for the RF part
    • measurement and output of battery voltage
  • RF part
    • continuously running oscillator
    • keyed power amplifier
    • sufficient output power with 30cm long telescopic antennas
  • Keyer
    • flexible selection of the transmitter identification: letters, numbers, words
    • selection of keying speed
    • callsign configuration
    • cyclic operation (5 transmitters, 12s/30s/1min transmission duration)
    • possibility of delayed start time up to 59.5 hours
    • software is "Open Source" under the GNU General Public License (GPL), therefore you can modify it and adapt it to your own requirements
Tinyfox upright